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The Wristband Factory is located in Benton City WA and is a subsidiary of Rippedsheets.com, a manufacturer of hundreds of printable substrates for laser, inkjet and digital printers. Rippedsheets.com started manufacturing a glossy label material for inkjet and laser printers in 1996. In 1997, Rippedsheets.com launched a website and found in 1998 it outperformed its printed catalog. Beginning in early 2005, Rippedsheets.com started manufacturing short-run laser and inkjet blank printable tags, and decided to manufacturer its own laser printable plant tags. In 2007, someone looked at our plant tags and said they looked like wristbands, and Rippedsheets.com developed a copyrighted design for sheets of multi-wristbands for kids and adults. In 2008, Rippedsheets.com started Wristbandfactoy.com to sell blank and print wristbands in its online store.

Rippedsheets.com is now a label and tag print provider for print websites. Rippedsheets provides print websites complete outsourcing services including label and tag materials, diecutting, printing and blind shipping. Resellers now send their customer orders to Rippedsheets.com in order sizes as small as one sheet. Print provision services run about one-half the cost of finished product at retail. Rippedsheets.com accepts customer art as a fully step and repeated PDF, or one up, as the company has imposition and workflow software. All orders for resellers are blind shipped from our facility in 24-48 hours on average.

Use Wristbandfactory.com wristbands for individual ID, age verification, group identification, special privileges or any application where visual identification is needed.
Wristbandfactory.com uses lightweight, tear-resistant materials that are waterproof or water resistant. Wristbandfactory.com offers wristbands in three (3) different materials, using four (4) different material thicknesses.
Print blank wristbands on laser or inkjet printers or Wristbandfactory.com will custom print wristbands in its digital printing facility.

Wristbandfactory.com Desktop Printable Wristbands Control Swine Flu Overflow Crowds
October 26, 2009 Wristbandfactory.com reports that its desktop printable sheets of wristbands are helping to control overflow crowds at swine flu vaccination sites where lines
exceed 1,500 people and last for hours.

Wristbandfactory.com Creates Wristband in Honor of Michael Jackson

June 29, 2009 Wristbandfactory.com created the “R.I.P King of Pop” wristband in honor of Michael Jackson. This wristband is the first of Wristbandfactory.com Celebrity Wristbands.

Custom Printed Wristbands - Now 100% made in the USA
September 21, 2008 Wristbandfactory.com was launched in 2008 and is now the fourth company in the world to make wristbands from scratch and the second company to make all of its products in the United States.